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Escape..... in Escape From Tarkov...

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I'm sure there are some others out there whether new to pc or someones who has played years on top of years that hates running alone in Tarkov and has menial means of finding decent people to squad up with. Well this is where we shine people. We don't feed our own to the wolves. In the isles stranded like a wounded crow. We make them run up front and take all the bullets instead of just a few, no but really don't be that person. No one wants to end up liked Forrest Gump and shot in the.. as for this escaping business though. Really even in the bigger picture. I'm just trying to say some of us need to stop forcing ourselves to play alone for whatever reasons,even I can attest to doing this exact thing at times. Just a little knowledge bomb I'm sure most of you are aware of.... Teamwork really does make the dream work, baby, and everyone deserves the opportunity to make new friends throughout life. Tarkov is what I have been playing as of lately hence why I've chosen it as to keep from people listing their names for others only to be confused regarding which game they are listing it for, that's what I'm asking for y'all to do, throw up your Gamertag or tags if you wanna included a couple ie. steam, Bsg launcher, epic, ect (not smurf accounts). Whether you're wanting to host or be hosted there is always room in my squad or I'll give up my spot or backout and join with you. I'm sure many others would do the same as well. Sometimes we just get so caught up in life we don't realize how much we can impact someone by being a stranger on the other side of the mic. We all can attest to some wonderful souls we've met gaming. After all 99% of us have an Alienware for a reason and that is by no mistake. Great minds think alike after all. I'll throw up my info so you guys can see what I'm going for with this and hopefully we can acquaint some people and make some friendships, or feed you to the wolves, no really I'm just playing about that. 150% Humanitary post, we all wanna meet decent people not just another colorful turd.  

BSG: Woozie Tiger

Steam: woozietiger420

Discord:XGN Woozie (MSG)#5894 

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