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Underrated Games and Hidden Gems on Steam

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Question guys, in your opinion, which are the most underrated games, and also which are the hidden gems we can came across on Steam?

For me, the most underrated games are:

- The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game 
- Chupacabra
- LISA: The painful


And the hidden gems for me are:
- Botanicula
- Mini Metro
- Lethal League


Of course there is a ton of more, but those are my examples and I tried to put a different variety of games in the list, I would love to read your comments.

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i'm agree with Botanicula

Brothers : A Tales of two sons is a nice story

Evo Explorers, Figment, GunPoint, Machinarium, Metrico+, Samorost 2, Windosill and Planet Alpha are worth to try

Not sure how hidden they are, but I don't see them talked about a huge deal. Some are more widely known, but still somewhat niche. Here's a few games I like, in no particular order:

Into the Breach, Endless Legend, Battle Brothers, Unexplored, Invisible, Inc., Templar Battleforce, Halcyon 6, Absolver, Heat Signature, NEO Scavenger.

Dungeons of Dredmor - a humorous turn based roguelike, in the spirit of Nethack/Angband.  It's a parody of games like Nethack/Angband/ToME

Faerie Solitaire - it's solitaire with a unique ruleset, a bit of rpg-like progression and a collectathon system on top.  You play the game, obtain money and then spend it on skills that can be used to alter the game loop.  As you go along, you find materials under each resolved column that you use to raise pets.

Gravitas, FrostRunner and Neon Boost as I always say are very good F2P title on Steam, with the latter being the harder one but probably the most satisfying once you get to master the controls and some tricks.

Mini Metro is a beautiful game. Also recommend it on mobile, as it really passes the time.