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Hi, new user here :), got a new gaming laptop!

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I'm Jason and i'm new to the Alienware Arena community. Got a new gaming laptop for my bday :)! It's the HP Omen 15 with a Intel Core i7 chipset backed by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q design graphics. Spec-wise, it is a very compelling gaming laptop with powerful hardware. I can now finally play the latest games on the highest settings without any worries.


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just dont let it over heat or you will find out what Max-Q does! Throttle baby...

A woman does make a good laptop but to make a really good keyboards my gaming keyboard I have bomb. You shouldn't have any problem with playing any games.

Trusteel said:

Not a Dell Laptop? OOPS

More like "Not a Shit Laptop? OOPS"

Some must have programs would be: a super alt F4 (ALT F4 that actually works, although be careful using it); screenshot taking software like gyazo (some people told me it's good), or even better, "Lightshot"(Which I use); Depending on your drive space maybe a screen recorder, I'd recommend "Overwolf, Outplayed"