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I need your opinions [Hardware - NO GAME]

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Hello everyone 
I have recently decided to update my pc a bit, as it is a low range, the problem with all this is that I have a motherboard that is too simple: F2A68HM-H Gigabyte and I think that it cannot do much, I have an AMD A4-4000 processor and I would like to at least buy an AMD A8 7680 (2018) since it is the most recent for the socket FM2 + the truth is that I do not have a lot of budget and I would like you to give me your opinion on what type of graphics card I can put on this processor, My intention is not to play AAA games, I just want it to be suitable for competitive games that require a little more graphic power.
Thanks for reading this ... <3

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OrgWithaStick said:

I don't see that CPU on the official support list:


Not gonna sugar coat it even for light gaming you might be at the point where upgrading the mobo/cpu/ram would be worth it. <- a $450~ full budget build would be a good 62% faster then the CPU your looking at.


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I just checked my motherboard and I see that it is version rev 1.1

That it is the official support list:

Thank you, I wouldn't have known this if it hadn't been for your comment

Do you think that the assembly you suggest is more convenient than updating my pc?

Thanks for answering 

I think you should share what your budget is if you want more help. Hard to recommend a upgrade path without knowing what you can afford to get and wether or not it is better to upgrade what you got or buy a whole new system. What I would suggest if your budget is that low is to go for a Ryzen setup since their AM4 motherboards are cheap and have great CPU upgrade path for down the road. Also Ryzen CPU's are also cheap and some come with a integrated GPU to hold you over into you can afford a better dedicated GPU, and most come with a wraith cooler which is rated pretty good for a stock cooler. Here is a bundle i found on Newegg that has all the parts you need considering you have a decent enough PSU and a case that can hold ATX motherboards along with the HDD/SSD you currently use on your system (though be warned you might need a wipe due to driver Incompatibilities however I upgraded from a AM3 FX setup to a intel setup and was fine but if you do wipe you need a new copy of Windows). I would look around for better parts and prices than what is offered in that bundle that fits your budget better with the bundle as a reference, but make sure the CPU has a integrated GPU (The CPU's with a G at the end means they have a IGPU the ones without it do not.) and a stock cooler unless you plan on buying a dedicated GPU and aftermarket cooler.

Edit: Get the fastest RAM you can with a high speed of at least 3200 and as low a CAS as you can find since better RAM benifits AMD CPU's so much more than they do intel.