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Will Atlas(Game) die anytime soon?

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A lot of my friends want me to play this game, but I don't want to waste money on another dying MMO game?

I know it's still in early access but do a lot of people play this?


Also, it has mixed steam reviews!

Steam link:

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Such online at the moment in steam 1,194 in the game. According to reviews, everything is very deplorable. My friends didn’t appreciate it either, they said that it’s raw, not optimized, for some people it’s boring. Of course there are those who liked her. But I would not play it.

The key thing is you have friends which is very important if you want to enjoy ATLAS because it is built for multiplayer and that is why a lot of people do not like it since you can't easily solo through the game due to only being able to spec into so many skills. You have to have each person spec into a different part of the skill tree like armor, firearms, cooking, sailing, animal taming and riding, cannons, archery, hand to hand combat, etc. You can go down about 3-4 different skill trees solo but then you have to respec if you need the abilities or crafting skills from another skill tree which you get to respec once every time you level. Which is another thing that you want to have friends for since it is far more easier to level if you got a crew with you since you can go treasure hunting which gives the most XP when fighting the army of the dammed also you can hunt down the power stones which gives you and your friends abilities after defeating a boss like the Hydra or the Ghost Ship among others.

Anyways I had a hell of a time when I played ATLAS like when me and my friends joined another Company(guild) and later got attacked by a large company(NoNoNo) who wanted to take the island we where on so that they could own all the islands in the sector. We had built a fort on top of a hill which made it very hard for NoNoNo and their allies to attack which ended up being sieged by them for about 4-5 days. First or second day we actually lost the fort completly and it had been mostly destroyed but we kind of cheesed it by running around the island and hiding on the claim flag zone to prevent them from claiming the island which they where super pissed about obviously and had to find and knock us out with clubs so that they could keep us locked up in a makeshift prison they made on our island and feed us food and water so we did not die and respawn.

They ended up losing the battle once the sieged time ran out which forced them to retreat since they could not claim and attack us anymore for that day. I can tell you they where not happy since when the fort had fell they where using fireworks and celebrating prematurely and did not expect to lose to a small little company so easily. They came back the next day to their surprise to find the fort they had destroyed be completely rebuilt (was a hell of a 24hr grind for me since I was pretty much the only person gathering the resources to rebuild the fort and restock our cannons and firearms also without any animals since like ARK they help to get resources a lot faster but they where killed off by NoNoNo). For the rest of the days NoNoNo could not repeat their success of taking the fort even after getting support from their allies who brought a giant freaking crab who ended up smashing a few things on the ground and later left because it could not jump high enough to reach our fort on top of a steep mountain pillar and their ultimate plan of keep sieging into we ran out of resources (which almost worked because you needed gems to make gunpowder which our island did not have and NoNoNo destroyed all our ships except for a single sloop that we used to smuggle the gems and other resources to our island so we could still fire our cannons and use our firearms).

Ultimately after days of fighting we started getting aggitated and fatigued of fighting NoNoNo and even though we beat them every time and could hold out we started to ask why we where even fighting for the island since we where unable to do anything fun due to NoNoNo and their armada sinking any ship we build the next day and the large company we had joined called SoV who we had joined at the start of fight with NoNoNo had not been able to support us with anything other than manpower which we did not really need from them, we just wanted them to come sink NoNoNo's fleet but they where to far away from the island to send a fleet and SoV had other more important things to worry about since SoV was at war with the Chinese companies and technically SoV and NoNoNo where allies against those Chinese companies which made the politics quite interesting since NoNoNo did not understand why SoV would side with us for an island not even near them and when they were allies. I think it was because the leader of SoV was good friends with the leader of our small company and since we merged with SoV we became SoV4 and the island became property of SoV which SoV did not want to lose the island to NoNoNo out of pride and stubbornness, however that being said even though they where supportive of us holding the island they also wanted us to come join them in their fight against the Chinese so to wrap this long story up we sold the island to NoNoNo for 1 gold (yep 1 but it was so NoNoNo could not claim to have won the island through battle) and congratulated each other for a long and hard fight. We also destroyed the fort before selling it so that NoNoNo would not have it and then we left the island for a better island where SoV was based.

It was recorded by a lot of NoNoNo streamers at the time but all that footage is long gone especially after the DMCA thing which forced people to delete their clips and vods which is a shame since I did like to see their streamers reaction of being over confident to being annoyed after days gone by.

Yes it still has about 1,500 daily users which is decent for amount for the official servers and they still update the game often. However they shutdown the PvE servers to focus on the PvP servers which honestly I think is the best choice since your not really experiencing the game if your not doing PvP which the game was originally designed for. Just join a company who is already decently setup with your friends in toe so they can show you how the game works and you can expereince the fleet battles and base raids. This is coming from someone who considers themselves a PvE player since PvE server was my first time experience in ATLAS and all I do is grind resources and craft. There is also the many unofficial servers that may still have PvE if you really do not want to PvP and they have some who roleplay or semi roleplay. Twitch streamers CaptianShack and W4stedspace occasionally play it still if you want to see gameplay from them (well mainly W4stedspace does while Shack joined in on occasion).