Is GPU Liquid Cooling Worth It ?

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Is GPU Liquid Cooling Worth it?

So is water cooling a GPU worth it? Well Alienware and partners Asetek sure think so, with the announcement of the Alienware Aurora R11 comes the reveal of the all new Liquid Cooled NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super, branded the Rad Card. The Rad Card is just that RAD! for the first time in Alienware's desktop history we are proud to introduce a new liquid cooled graphics solution based on a PCI-e mounted heat exchanger and smart fan blower design. So this bad you know what Rad card is made to lower temperatures produce higher performance and save space. 

But, why do we even use water cooling? Typically, fans move air through your computer ------the fans blow the heat out and move cool air in. Fans are the cheapest and most widely used cooling methods today but they aren't always the greatest-----Fans are composed of small electric motors attached to plastic blades. When these blades spin at high speeds they make noise. The Rad Card is effectively silent, with a PCIe mounted radiatior design engineered to eliminate clutter and save space while having a higher thermal conductivity than that of air.This means that water is better at moving heat than air, enabling  the water-cooled GPU to use more power without reaching critical temperatures and hitting thermal throttling. 

Now what does any of this mean for the performance and its stability? GPUs are complex and delicate pieces of circuitry. Their manufacturers put a number of safety limiters on the GPU itself for a reason. Water cooling is a constant cooling system. It’s always moving water in a loop around your machine because water is great at removing heat, your GPU should never reach throttling temperatures. This is contrasted by air cooling which is reactive. Fans will run faster the hotter the computer is but they require the computer to reach those higher temperatures before engaging. With that said if you’re maxing out your GPU, squeezing every last MegaHertz out of it, then that’s where GPU water cooling truly comes into play. The Rad Card now provides the Alienware Aurora with enough power and quiet cooling in such a constraint space to leave any performance head out there drooling.

Water cooling is without a doubt one of the best methods for cooling a gaimng PC, from CPU to GPU cooling the results are in the pudding. If you're a performance ethusiat or just enjoy your quiet gaming enviorment with out of this world aesthetics than the New Alienware Aurora R11 will deliver on all fronts. The Innvovation and approach to the Rad Card is mind blowing from the shape and location of the radiatior to being PCIe powered and addressing space constraints Asetek really hit this one out of the park. But, like most consider future applications, consider how important aesthetics are to you and consider your budget. If all of these factors align then maybe water cooling is the right solution for you and thanks to the Alienware Aurora R11 the choice is yours. 


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AWESOME> almost wish i waited to but this! very cool and informative! thanks

I didn't even know that this was possible. Amazing