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Please make including images in posts easier.

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As far as I can tell, if you want to post a pic you need to put a URL link for the picture. What if I have a saved picture? I would like it to be easier to post pictures I have saved on my computer/phone

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starscream . it is already easy to upload pictures . if you want to upload pictures thats stored locally you can upload them on a hosting site like , it takes 10 seconds to register . even if a function is added to this site for local image uploads nothing will change , you will still need to "Upload" a image , the only differance is if its loacal you will have to to re-upload the image everytime you want to post it on different sites . if you upload it to , then you wont ever need to re-upload again since its already online . you can just go to your image list copy the url and post it on almost any website .