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Very rude email from Alienware Arena

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I've been a member of Alienware Arena for years, and have never recieved something so rude from your team before. If you want your users to return to your forums and participate, this is the wrong attitude and mood to be setting. You don't guilt people into thinking Dell is some single human entity with hurt feelings over a "friendship".

Email they sent:

Hi Xeeross, we noticed you don't like hanging out with us anymore!"

That's cool. I guess. Whatever makes you happy is all that we care about. We're just over here giving away free games and having a grand time without you anyway.

Come back and hang out with us. We'll even throw you 50 ARP or whatever. But we know that's not what's driving you, it's the power of this loving friendship we've fostered for so long... and the free stuff.... and the ARP, fine. Follow this url and get rewarded

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This is the "abusive mother guilt trip" technique. Glad to see that it worked :P 

I thought that was batently satirical and mimicking a clingy not-welcome friend.