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Daily Login Calendar Not Updating

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I've logged in every day this month but my calendar hasn't progressed beyond Day 8, including after logging out and logging back in.  I thought it was maybe something to do with server reset times (for counting new days) but that shouldn't affect things over 2 days like it has now.  I'm curious if this is happening to anyone else?  Is this a bug?

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I am not stuck on day 8, but I have observed that sometimes it doesn't count days I have logged in. So I usually end up at 28 or 29 days by the end of the month despite the fact that I did log in each day.

Today it advanced to day 9.  Maybe I just need to post more often :-)

I had a problem with logging in about 24 hours ago, i could enter my user and password for many times but my avatar wasn't changing.

Since I can log in now, I assume the site was broken 24 hours ago. I missed a day of log in but it's not a big deal. However I do know now that it is possible that the site breaks and hopefully I didn't got phished.

I lost two days in the count due to login failure at the site. This is not the first time, and I am sure it will not be the last. :(

I get "Invalid ReCaptcha" prompts a lot when trying to login, and no clue how to fix that.

Try another browser, that clears up the  "Invalid ReCaptcha" (after not showing a captcha) for me.