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Is Cyberpunk 2077 good?

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I heard that it is a good game, but it has many bugs, so I want to know if it is playable or should I wait for a bug fix?

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Yes it's good but it has a lot of problems. It has become common that game developers rush games and release them before they are ready. This is the reason why i never buy new games anymore, i rather wait 6 months and buy it when it's on sale

CDPR lost a lot of street cred for this rushed release. But I'm confident the issues with the game will be fixed in the coming months.

Lesson #1: Never pre-order

Patch 1.05 seems to double the performance on base Xbox consoles (not sure about playstation). On PC you'll need some serious GPU to play it well though. I have about 20 hours into it on my Xbox Series X and it's been a decent experience with minimal bugs and no crashes.

I've been playing on my series X also, ive been loving the game myself.  the bugs I've came across arent game breaking.  some cars may park floating in the air also seen  FEW  bodIes of fallen NPCs floating. had one NPC on a side quest not talk, but the sub titles told me everything anyway. lol

IT works very fine @ PC, with some little bugs in game, but wich game do not have bugs at the first day?

Cyberpunk is a great game with a epic story and epic side storys! (Play the side Storys! there are so cool)

Some fixes and new contect is coming early this year, will make this game better better and better!


better wait for April/March,  now it´s a mess with so many bugs, the developers might have to face a major penalty by Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection if they fail to deliver on Cyberpunk 2077 updates!


It works well on XSX, it is a great game, but it has much more potential, I love the Night City, but apart from main story and side missions there is not much to do.. you cannot even mess around with Police like in other games as they show up from nowhere in few seconds, I am sure they will improve the game with time the same as the Witcher 3 which also had problems at start.

Definitely wait for the game to be on sale, if ever. Buying full price after the shitshow release only encourages the shitty situation we're at with development guided by guys in suits, crunch to actual developers, and a buttload of lies to the consumer...