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Alienware 13 R3 + Graphics Amplifier Issues - HELP!

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Hi all,

As a last ditch attempt to salvage my machine, I'm hoping I can get some advice on how to fix my rig:

Setup is an AW 13 R3 with i7 7700 CPU and an internal GTX 1060.

After a week of random BSOD with various error codes, I concluded after much testing that my internal 1060 GPU was fried.

I disabled the 1060 after a clean Win10 install, and the BSOD errors disappeared - great!

Now with no discrete graphics card working, I can no longer game or use external displays - so I picked up a Graphics Amplifier with a GTX 1660S inside.

Here's where the fun starts:

As per the instructions, I powered down the laptop, plugged in the amplifier cable into the back, and turned on.

The laptop is now stuck in a reboot loop. The light on the amplifier glows blue for a few moments, then the laptop shuts down and restarts to a black screen, and then powers down again.

Can anyone shed some light on what I could do to, at the very least install the graphics amplifier and get it to appear in the device manager?

I'm having trouble even locating drivers for it. On the Dell site, I get an MSI installer file, which I get an error when trying to run.

Nearly out of options guys, any help is much appreciated.


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Alienware External Graphics Amplifier Software | Driver Details | Dell US

Boot into windows, install this driver. 

Download NVidia driver from their website for your gpu, do not install it yet.

Disable Windows update.  Shut down. 

Plug in Amp.  Turn on PC.

Boot into Windows.  You should see Microsoft Basic Display Adapter in divice manager.

Install the Nvidia driver.  IIRC, the AGA will not show up as a device in device manager, just look for the display adapter and make sure it is running correctly.

I'm not sure it can function with a dead 1060 though.  Could be some underlying things the 1060 would still assist with, but I am not sure.

Highly suggest you sell the laptop, AGA, and GPU and put them towards a new laptop.  3060 laptops start at $1000, between the 1660S, AGA, and moderately functioning 13 R3, you can easily be over half way to the new laptop.  2060 equipped laptops were $600 just this week, so that is an option too.