Check out some magic harpoon fighting in Olija, an upcoming game from Devolver

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As Evan pointed out the other day, we're in a quiet period for game releases. Hitman 3 is great, but a lot of developers are starting 2021 by hunkering down and plugging away at games scheduled for later in the year or beyond. One small exception is Olija, which will be out on Steam at the end of this month, and which features a pretty cool magic harpoon—perhaps in time to benefit from the internet's sudden fascination with sea shanties

Above, you can watch 22 minutes of new Olija gameplay footage, which was provided to PC Gamer by the publisher.


That publisher is Devolver Digital, the endlessly quirky indie house behind such games as Fall Guys, Carrion, Enter the Gungeon, Gris, Hotline Miami, and many others. Olija being developed by a lesser-known group: Thomas Olsson and Kyoto-based studio Skeleton Crew, creators of brawler BackSlash, a game I hadn't heard of previously.

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