Lets talk Valheim

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Let’s talk Valheim

Valheim made its explosive debut roughly 6 weeks ago. Data collected earlier this month states that it has sold over 5 million copies since its launch date and is hailed as one of the top 5 most played Steam titles of all time.

So what’s the deal with Valheim? Is it worth it?
Admins of Alienware Arena had to find out.

I had a chat with Cartire about Valheim and he gave me a tour of his many amazing outposts. He is not one to brag, so I am here to brag for him and share some of the tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your world and supplies.

Stacking chests: Using the 1x1 flooring on the walls to layer your chests and create an organizational system so you never lose track of your stuff again.  Add signage above each chest stating the contents to keep everything nice and tidy

Leveling ground: The ground levels are based upon where your character is standing. It is best to stand still and level in a circular motion, then slowly inch over until all your desired ground is leveled.

Die swimming or don't like taking the boat out? Build a bridge! You can connect distant biomes with a canal! A man-made river with a conjoining bridge allows for safe boat and land travel depending on your needs!

Great starter food: Collect all those delicious blueberries and raspberries because you can make 4 servings of a delicious jam with the cauldron. 

The Plains: the plains are a scary place. Build far far away from the plains. 
Deathsquitos = death

Check out Cartires' unbelievably awesome outposts below!

iJess (Me - the author):

I jumped on the Valheim bus roughly a month after its launch date. It caught my eye after being at the top of the Steam charts and having overwhelmingly positive reviews. I mean, 5 million people can’t be wrong, can they?

I’ve never been one for survival games, with an exception for Don’t Starve. I've played roughly 300 hours of Don’t Starve and have completed the main storyline. Despite this one-off, I lean towards single-player games, rich in story with an open world environment that you can fade into.  

When I launched Valheim for the first time, all alone in an unknown forest, the first thing that I noticed was the graphics. Did I think that the graphics were cheesy? Yes. However, it brought a nostalgic Minecraft meets old school Tomb Raider feel with the squareness of your character and beautiful pixelated scenery.

My first order of business was a simple one. PUNCH ALL THE TREES. Punching trees is a survival instinct we all know and love and has become a staple of survival games everywhere.

  • Pick up all rocks – check.
  • Make a fire – check.
  • Make a lean-to – check.
  • Eat raspberries – check.
  • Get smoked out and die – check.
  • Quit the game and come back the next day – check.

The next day I returned to the mythic world of Valheim, only this time, armed with a friend. Playing with a friend drastically changes the gameplay and makes it overall more enjoyable. Get killed by a Greydwarf while carrying 30 flint? Not to worry! Task your friend to quickly loot your inventory so you don’t have to run back, almost die again, and briskly get away with your 30 flint and 2hp.  

Overall if you are on the fence about playing Valheim, I say go for it! The grind is a tedious one but the reward is great and leaves you feeling fulfilled. 

If you have any questions about the game, free feel to post your comments below! 

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I also jumped on the hype train roughly a month after release and after writing an article for this forum even. I had the same feelings when I saw the graphics for the first time. I didn't expect that but at the same time, it doesn't destroy the game. I think it's actually a very nice approach the developers took. 

The raven is your help. Certainly at the beginning. Only I did find the learning curve pretty steep at first since the raven comes with tips and tricks after you found out something yourself already. Nevertheless, I already had quite some hours of fun and I won't stop until I reached the final boss and slain him ... hopefully. 

The only problem I have is that I constantly get sidetracked. Instead of crafting myself proper armour and weapons, I keep building ... because ... IT'S FUN!!!

Feels kind of like Minecraft but better graphics and a different theme?

jim2b2001 sagte:

Feels kind of like Minecraft but better graphics and a different theme?


Game for those who love crafting. To be honest it sucks.

To be honest i love this game but unfortunately i dont have enough MOULA to buy it....looking forward to play it later...hopefully

Parece un juego interesante, cuando pueda comprar una PC gamer voy a probarlo



My friends and i have been playing it for a few weeks and with the size of the world and depth of the game and all the things to craft and build, i feel like this game could be popular for a while.