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[Handheld gaming PC] Steam Deck announced

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I'm really excited for this one. I hope this is a success.  release date December.

Steam Deck :: Hardware

(33) Steam Deck: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW - YouTube

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for a handheld its imo too expensive.The midrange option ( 128GB storage nvme - you don't really want 64GB emmc) is the price of an xbox series X or ps 5 ( at msrp which admitedly is hard to get atm) , thats too much. I would have expected it to be priced closer to a Nintendo switch ( which seems to be what it is mainly set up against). You can be sure the SoC isn't as strong as even in the xbox series S , let alone the X . And with an 720p screen ( 1280 x 800px @ 60 Hz) it has a worse display than any midrange+ phone made in the last 2 years, so the pricing seems like you get pretty bad value for your money.


Mitova, it's basically like a small pc.  it doesn't have locks like the nintendo switch. so you can do whatever you want with. like install a windows OS.  like any PC it's gonna be priced way higher than consoles.


The sensible option is to wait. If it flops or is a success price will come down inevitably. The lowest tier model with 64 GB capacity is not adequate for many modern games and I would want to know a bit more about the performance playing recent top titles.

I would like to add to this that the SteamDeck is actually based on Linux (Arch) and uses Proton to launch steam games within its SteamOS. You can check Proton compatibility here on, it is still far from full native compatibility. Most of the games will need adjustments and won't run as smooth as a PC (No interpreter will every run as smooth as a native system), and to be honest, I'd rather buy a laptop

potentially 2 hours of battery life is a big yikes, i know powerbanks are a thing but still. the specs looked good tho probably will be worth it down the line 

It'll be interesting when it comes out, I'm not interested in buying it at the moment but would love to see how it will perform. Especially with all the titles Steam has.

Nobody will buy it and they'll end up like with the steam controller.
Similar functionality can be achieved by buying a controller for your mobile phone and using Geforce Now. The games archive is probly smaller with GFN, but it's cheaper, lasts longer on battery and (what's the most important) you  are not tied up with the hardware - you can be sure that you'll always play an aaa game on GFN.