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Dell Rewards...

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I recently(last week) claimed all the Dell Rewards from each tier, but they are not showing on the AWA side panel or on my Dell account. I've been told the Dell Rewards are usually applied almost immediately or within 24hrs but as I said it's been several days now and still nothing. Any issues which could be causing the delay? Or how long can I expect to wait for the Rewards to be applied? 

Have my eye on a particular deal on which I'd like to grab before the sale ends. cheeky

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Just to clear some things up Dell rewards from daily quest and other play to win events are applied almost immediately however Dell rewards from ARP take time they have to be manually approved and added by an Admin.


You should have the rewards in your account now :) 

iJess said:

You should have the rewards in your account now :) 


They are, thank you very much! :)

I am also having the same issue I selected the $10 Dell Rewards and they are not showing up in the side panel of the AWA.

I am having the same issue here. I chose the $10 reward over a month ago and never got it. Today I just surpassed 500 points, and chose the $20 reward. Still nothing. I logged into my Dell account, and my balance shows $0 on there also. 

I chose my Dell rewards ($10 through $40) all on 11/8/21.  Just chose my $50 Dell reward on 12/10/21.  I see them in the my rewards listing.  But they are not on the side bar, nor do I see them in my Dell account which uses the same email.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.

- I am having the same issue here. I calaim 10$ reward, 20$, 30$, and 25$  over a 9 month ago and never got it !

- Now I can claim 40$ reward but I worried if I activated it, nothing will be done.