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Which horror game scared you the most?

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scariest game i've played as an adult was Outlast. but it didn't traumatized me or anything..  The game that truly traumatized me as a kid was silent hill, resident evil, clocktower.  

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Probably Outlast too.
Silent Hill series is very good, I like its disturbing climate.
When I was a little girl I played RE3 with my brother and I was pretty scared of Nemesis :D I guess that was the scariest horror game for me, at least in my younger days. Recently I played RE7 and it wasn't too scary, just a good game itself. 

If you had played Outlast as a kid, it would have certainly  traumatized you. I mean, I loved horror movies when I was a kid, most for the vibes and the adrenaline maybe. But now I can't find any good horror movie anymore, even the ones I liked the most are no longer that scary.

As a kid? I remember Resident Evil 2 creeping me out. Rounding a corner hearing zombie groans with little ammo left was very intense lol

Nowadays I'd like to think I can handle my fair share of scary games, but as a kid I was terrified of Amnesia let's-plays.

i remember that Dead Space had a rather dark and disturbing atmosphere of suspense.
If in addition you have a 5.1 sound system, the game takes on a different magnitude.
Two people from my family had jumped out during a passage of the game when I showed them!

Phasmophobia, I had a bad time the first time I played it even though it was with friends :'D

Ju-On:The Grudge Wii (It scares the shit out of me)

You will never scare of em if you never play em. cheeky