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How long will i take to get to level 20? I feel a bit sad losing dbd dlc's im still at level 13 and i dont get much arp... 

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I think it took me around 8-9 months to go from noob to level 25.  From 13 to 20?  It'll probably take you a few months, provided you remember to login every day for the daily rewards (because those 25/35 ARP chunks you get at the end of the month are huge), do all the daily and weekly quests, and save the free ARP boosters they give out each month to use whenever they have a weeklong event that grants bonus ARP at the end of the week.  There's really no secret way to level quickly.  You just have to grind it out.

I dont have weekly quests sadly...,only the daily

i'm at lvl 18 and hadn't gotten any ARP from community. so sad that i too will miss those dlc

Zenoth said:

I dont have weekly quests sadly...,only the daily

Try to use some VPN for NA ip, doesn't work for me anymore but it not hurt to try