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Would you rather learn a new language? or a programming language?

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It's six up, a half dozen down. A language is a language. ;)


I studied informatics and switched my course, because i hated programming languages so much. I'd rather learn another proper language


I've always wanted to learn German and/or Italian... perhaps someday. indecision

I'm already bilingual (linguistically and for programming), but have picked up on a few things here and there for other languages. Never got around to seriously settling down to learn more even though I even have the apps and books for them. Some day though.

Well, english is my second language. Plan to learn an european language for graduate programs. In addition, I am trying to learn some additional programming language:s python and R (only use stata code for now jeje). I  recommend to learn new languagues because is useful for future work in the labor market

I've always been into programming, so I'd have to pick learning a programming language.
I surely wouldn't mind learning a different language though...

I've gotten into programming about a year ago, and started learning Python. Also, I already speak 2 languages fluently, so I guess I'd go for learning another programming language, I've become more and more interested in Java in the past month, so it'd be fun to acquire that language.

Learning Russian and Mandarin here. Still learning Python, C and Julia. So I guess both, hehe

Learning an actual language is much harder than picking up a new programming language so I'll go with the former. Plus, being able to communicate with more humans seems a lot more rewarding than being able to program in a different language.