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Favorite Anime Fight scene

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What is the Favourite anime fight you like the most, that has the best fight choreography and art, also with some punching music? And do you feel it as the action scene in the anime of this decade?

My all-time favorite is the naruto and Sasuke VS momoshiki from boruto, and I forget not to mention Itadori Ryuji and todo VS hanami. I feel the upcoming Attack on titan final part must have the fight of the decade

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Man.... i have seen too many animes for this xDDDD

If i have to give a name without check my list for an hour... i will say that the best anime fight of all time is this ****SPOILER: Is the final final of that anime****


A lot of the fights from Mob Psycho are really well animated going above and beyond in every aspect. I think one of my favorites from that show is the Shimazaki vs Everyone fight. 

Well, it's not a 1 vs 1 fight but, HOMRA vs Scepter 4 on "K Project" is one of my favorites. Goku vs Jiren (I know it's a cliché but...) is on the list to.