Shadow Warrior 3 Out Now!

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Shadow Warrior 3 brings the first-person shooter series to a whole new level with its unreservedly ballistic gunplay. Shadow Warrior 3 manages to exquisitely blend neck-breaking gunplay, sharp melee combat, and a glorious free-running movement system into an action-packed fantasy adventure! 
Speaking of movement, Shadow Warrior 3 has never been more mobile. Not only did we  retain all the free-flowing momentum from the previous entries but now with sliding, wall-running, and a grappling hook in your hand, the extraordinary world of Shadow Warrior 3 will truly become your playground. Every choice contributes toward making the game a more dynamic experience, adding multitudes of maneuverability and leverage when dealing with dozens of enemies. 
Since we mentioned slaying seemingly endless hordes of foes, it's important to add that we wanted to fortify Lo Wang as a (semi) demi-god capable of destroying all obstacles in his path. Newly implemented Gore Tools - ultra-powerful, limited use weapons torn from enemies - combined with a classic skill tree progression system will allow you to clean house your way, whether it is slicing opponents into minced meat with a katana or turning them into swiss cheese with your guns. Additionally, all the arenas are teeming with traps that will ruin more than a day in the lives of Lo Wang's enemies, and remember, your slick selection of finishing moves which can turn the tide in any tricky situation. 
Overall, Shadow Warrior 3 will be a comprehensive “ninja experience” with more complex and vertical levels than ever before and a lethal arsenal you can use however you wish. Get your katana ready!

You can pick up Shadow Warrior 3 today on Steam.


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Nice, also Thanks for the Shadow Warrior 2 Giveaway! :)