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[PSA] Steam Summer Sale 2022 - Trading Cards & Clorthax's Summer Quest

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The Steam Summer Sale has started! Here are the most important things to know and do (with focus on free stuff!):

Trading cards (14x)

You can also get these cards by:

  • Trading with friends

  • Drops from purchasing on the Steam Store. (Approximately 1 card every $10 spent on the Store)

  • Crafting badges from other games. 1 badge crafted will give you 1 summer sale card

  • Purchasing them directly from the Community Market

Clorthax's Summer Quest (unique badge, avatars, stickers, Steam 3000 profile)

  • Link:

  • Autoclaim script in sticky comment if you don't want to bother or page is not loading

  • Answers to the clues (games you need to find):

    1. Guitar Billionaire

    2. Custard Castle Small Claims Court

    3. Bass Ain't Bitin' 2022

    4. Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate

    5. Actually... Frankenstein's Monster Edition

    6. It's Probably Fine

    7. Help The King Get To The Toilet

    8. The Consecration Of Esthme

    9. Pro Poker Amateur

    10. Hold In Your Farts

  • Click on the game banner if you find the right game to unlock the next clue. Might need to click on the categories on top, on 'show more' or scroll through the various carousels with banners.

  • After the 10 clues there's a Steam 3000 profile waiting for you on the quest page. Button that says 'click me' at the bottom.

  • Rewards: Unique badge (250 xp), avatars, stickers, Steam 3000 profile


  • You can spend 1000 points for the seasonal badge in the Steam point shop, giving you 100xp. Spending 1000 again will level it up, giving you another 100xp. You can also spend it on other things of course, but those won't give you xp.

  • 100 points can be earned for every 1$ you spend, you might already have some points from past purchases. You can spend 300 of those points by awarding people's contents, such as reviews, workshop mods, screenshots and such, earning you a badge upon giving the first award, with 10xp for every award you give.

Other things to note

  • All prices will remain the same throughout the entire sale.

  • Be sure to consult 3rd party stores for steam keys, as Steam itself might not always have the cheapest prices.

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