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Computers, computers, my precious...

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So, I have by my side my faithful companion, my comrade who has been by my side for years, no matter how much he gets beaten, how many blackouts he endured, how many slaps, he never let me down, he never abandoned me.

But the poor fellow's days are numbered, R.I.P.

I'm curious to know how your own comrades are doing, as well as what you consider to be a reliable gaming PC these days. (Or even your dream machine, I know at least one of you has already built a PC on one of these online stores with the best and most expensive pieces just to admire the result, and feel that pang of pain in your heart when you see the price, or is it just me? Well...)

I'm also curious about the situation in your own countries regarding prices, here unfortunately there was a big increase in the price of computer parts in general several years ago, but hope for a decrease on the horizon! Some even say it's already happening, but I digress, sorry. Returning to computers, anyone willing to share tips and advice on this? It could be anything, assembly, cleaning, folders, maintenance, etc. Type whatever your heart tells you, pass on some of your wisdom to us, mere noobs.

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Cleaning advice: Buy an air compressor, and a wooden skewer to stop your fans from spinning when you use it

I like ducks.

The story about your computer reminds me the first PC I assembled for myself back in the day. It was a Core 2 Duo with a GeForce 9400GT (dogshit of a card, but overclocked from 550Mhz to 850Mhz with a bigger cooler).

That C2D ran for years at 3.7Ghz (from the stock 2.9Ghz) on the stock cooler. Once a lightning struck my neighbor's antenna and the PSU literally blew up, but nothing else on that machine went bad. Also I spilled a drink on it once. Took it apart, dried it, reassembled and it ran like nothing happened.

I used it for 10 years. I upgraded RAM, CPU, installed an SSD and even got an AMD R7 360 by the end of its life.

Coded on it all the way through college, played dozens of thousands of hours on it and even managed to play Fallout 4 on Windows 10 before retiring it. After I got a new PC, I decided to disassemble the old one. While removing the CPU, I dropped it on the socket, breaking 2 pins. I probably would never use it again, but man was I sad when that happened, because the MB was the main part that survived the entire journey, just to die in such a stupid way after all it went through.

I don't miss it how slow that machine was by the end of its life, but I do miss the good times I had with it.

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven

On our way to the next Ice Age we had another summer with record temperatures this year. Monitoring the temps of my GPU I was alarmed by the max values. So I ordered a selection of thermal pads and re-pasted and re-padded my baby. For good measure I threw in a good undervolt.