Alienware 17 R3 Keyboard Ghosting?

Alienware 17 R3 Keyboard Ghosting?

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Hi there,

I got an Alienware 17 R3 a few days ago, upgrading from an Alienware M17x R3. What I noticed was that there are some keyboard limitations (of course) when pressing multiple keys at once. However, these limitations are different from my M17x. I went to a Key-Test website, and this is what I observed:

  • Whenever I press and hold one of the WASD keys and any of the arrow keys, it works fine.
  • Whenever I press and hold W and A, only the Down and Right arrow keys work (Up and Left are ignored)
  • Whenever I press and hold W and D, the Down and Left arrow keys work (Up and Right are ignored)
  • When I press and hold S and A, the Up and Right arrow keys work, Down and Left do not.
  • And holding S and D, the Up and Left arrow keys work, Down and Right do not.

The results are the same whenever I use the arrows on the numpad as well. I noticed that whatever 2 or more keys I hold down for WASD, this reflects/ghosts on the arrow keys. I never had this problem on my old Alienware, so I was wondering, is there a fix to this without buying an external keyboard? This is a gaming laptop, and I'm not sure if this is ghosting or some software issue that can be fixed. Checking out this article,, it does not cover the issue that I am having. 

Could someone who has an AW 17 R3 try to reproduce the issue and see if they are having problems with this as well?


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I have the same exact issue and noone NOONE in 1 full year has  been able to answer you or even reply saying that they will look into it?

messed up people!


Nothing new, this forum supposed to be an official one but you never see Dell (or Alienware) replying directly to issues raised.

The support offered on this "official forum" is pathetic, abysmal and simply non-existent.

I hope you get your fix, good luck!