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Whew, what an exciting week at Bossa HQ! 

Recently, we had our designer, Luke Williams, and our producer, Herb Liu, show Worlds Adrift to a number of media outlets on this side of the Atlantic, as well as across the water in the States. 

The reception has been overwhelming with many getting giddy at the prospect of what we’re creating. If you’ve happened to miss out, fear not as we’ve collated all of the coverage below, including a couple of the videos that were featured by the likes of IGN and Eurogamer.



Check Out Over 30 Minutes of Worlds Adrift’s Sky Pirate Action

“Worlds Adrift is an ambitious expansive game that opens the door to an never-ending sky of islands waiting to be explored and plundered.”


The Daily Mirror

Worlds Adrift is an ambitiously massive online video game – and Britain’s answer to Minecraft

“It’s easy to draw comparisons with the likes of recently-released No Man’s Sky. But Williams explains that while Sony’s new darling is vast, it’s also a lonely playing experience. Worlds Adrift is more akin to Minecraft where players join forces to build and explore.”



Building sky-ships in Worlds Adrift to fly into the unknown together

“Worlds Adrift is creation, it’s exploration, it’s cooperation. It’s No Man’s Sky but it’s Sea of Thieves and Minecraft also, and its possibilities are fascinating.”

Game Revolution

Explore The Skies and Be a Sky Pirate in Worlds Adrift

“During my hour with the game, I could tell I was only scratching the surface of it. Even with the developers giving me a fairly in-depth crash course of the game’s mechanics, there was still much more left to uncover.”


PC World

Worlds Adrift hands-on preview: Systems, sky pirates, and hilarious surprises

“My demo had me laughing almost non-stop, whether I was lobbing cannonballs at flying mantas or being chased by the same flying mantas or throwing large naval guns into the air or swinging like Spider-Man through a cave 600 feet tall, dotted with ruins”


Make sure to keep a watchful eye on your favourite gaming and tech websites over the next few days as there are a few more articles to come.

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