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[Solved] Get Key button in Giveaways

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Not sure if it's just me being an idiot, but I can't seem to locate the Get Key button anymore. A little help, please?

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Are you sure it's not just you? I got a key no problem after the update. Maybe try clearing cache?

The Get key is around the same area middle top as it was before.

I just tried it on Firefox, and it worked. Seems like the problem occurs on Chrome browsers.

This is because it enabled adblok. Simply add the site to exclude

Has to be an adblock type of bug, I have chrome and had no problems

there will be no button is there are no keys or you do not have the LVL

Thanks for the help guys. Yup, it's adblock, though I never had it act up before when I was using the site.

Wait it's Adblock? I use Adblock on Chrome. I have not seen a missing Get Key button.

Maybe you added the site to adblock's exclusions before. Solved my issue when I turned it off.

I don't have any exclusions on my Adblock though. Only use the default options for it.