Steam or Origin?

Seemingly everything is on Steam, but only select games are with Origin.  Based on volume alone, it...
Sep 30, 2016 by undox • 450 Replies

How Old is your Steam Account?

mine is almost 1 and a hlf years old and i already have 22 they were all cheap crap game...
Sep 30, 2016 by yoyodavid2002 • 353 Replies

m4a4 or m4a1-s

I use the M4A1-S, I love my Basilisk Skin and also its more accurate.
Sep 30, 2016 by yellowcaster • 225 Replies

What! Is your favourite animal?

Stop with the Cats please. It hurts!
Sep 30, 2016 by makemap • 139 Replies


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