What are Community Giveaways (BETA)?

Due to the popularity of our Community Giveaway forum board, we've created a tool to allow Alienware Arena members to give away Steam keys to their fellow members. Giveaways are not administrated or sponsored by Alienware Arena or iGames.

As this is the Community Giveaways BETA, we may make changes as we receive community feedback.

Community Giveaways are driven by the community and the trust we instill within each other. To ensure that bad actors are weeded out of the process, members that claim or win a Community Giveaway key are expected to have the new Steam game/DLC added to their library within 72 hours of claiming the key. If a member doesn't redeem their key on Steam within that time, they will get progressively longer and longer bans or a permanent ban from participating in Community Giveaways.


How do I create a Community Giveaway?

Go here to create a Community Giveaway (You must be at least ARP Tier 2 before you can create a Community Giveaway.)

  • Steam Store URL
    • Copy and paste the game’s/DLC’s Steam page URL into the field, such as: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1086940/Baldurs_Gate_3/
      • Currently, only Steam game keys and Steam DLC keys are allowed for Community Giveaways.
      • Misrepresenting your community giveaway with the wrong Steam game/DLC can result in your account being banned. Make sure you select the correct Steam game/DLC you are giving away.
    • Start Date:
      • This will determine when members can enter your Community Giveaway and when the Steam keys will be distributed.
      • The end date will be automatically set to 7 days after the start date.
    • ARP Tier Restrictions:
    • Country Restrictions:
      • This is where you select which countries can enter your Community Giveaway. You should check to see if the Steam keys you have are only valid in some countries/regions. Know that some countries do not allow distribution by chance.  Knowing the countries/regions your keys are valid and distribution rules and regulations is your responsibility. Many guides are available through a Google search.   
    • Rules:
      • Add Terms & Conditions here. States and countries have rules and regulations when sponsoring a sweepstakes. It is your responsibility to adhere to those regulations and obtain legal advice if you have questions.
      • If you are promoting your Community Giveaway on a social media platform, make sure you are complying with that platform’s promotion guidelines.
    • Description (optional):
      • Add any additional details you may want to include about your Community Giveaway here.
    • Add Keys:
      • Copy/paste the Steam keys (one key per line break) into the field.
      • Keys will be automatically distributed to the recipient once the Community Giveaway has completed.
        • You will not receive any notifications when the keys are distributed and the community giveaway has ended.


How/why am I getting banned?
Community Giveaway creators that receive complaints against them may be prohibited from participating in Community Giveaways. The most common reason a person is banned is distributing non-functional keys.

The length of the ban will depend upon the number of complaints and times the account has been banned in the past.

If you feel you were banned in error or have questions regarding your ban, please reach out to contact@alienwarearena.com.


How to Enter a Community Giveaway

Requirements to enter a Community Giveaway will differ as indicated by the sponsor but restrictions may include:

  • ARP Tier Requirements
  • Country Restrictions

You may be eligible to enter some Community Giveaways and not others. Additionally, Community Giveaways require the following:

  • Your Steam account must be connected to your Alienware Arena account.
  • You aren't currently suspended from entering Community Giveaways.
  • You must not already own the game or DLC in your Steam library.
  • Community Giveaway winners will be randomly selected and winners should receive a site notification and an email to claim their key. As a winner, you will have 24 hours to claim your key before a new winner is selected and the link to claim the key no longer works.
    • This is an automated process and there are no additional steps needed by the creator of the Community Giveaway.

How do I report a Steam key that doesn’t work?
If the Community Giveaway Steam key you were given is not working, you have one week from receiving the key to report the issue.  On the landing page for that specific Community Giveaway, you can report the giveaway key as invalid and provide a comment describing the details of the issue.

I got banned, why?
You must claim your key on Steam within 72 hours or you may be banned from participating in future Community Giveaways. Repeated failures to claim giveaway keys will result in longer bans. If you feel you were banned in error, please reach out to contact@alienwarearena.com