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Visualization options not shown in Bios A11 for Aurora R4. Yet CPU is VT-x and VT-d capable.

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Greetings all, as the discription says.

I'm looking for a way to enable Virtualization in the Bios for my Aurora R4.
My goal is simply to run a x64bit VM within my x64bit Win 7 Home Primum OS, of either another Win 7 or of Win 8.
I -know- for a fact that my chip supports it, but the bios for w/e the hell reason thinks it doesn't.

I have an SandyBridge-E i7-3930K chip with 16GB of Ram and a GTX680, Running BIOS A11
my motherboard is Alienware 07jnh0. 

Now as per Intel's prodcut information page on the chip I have. it says full VT-x and VT-d are supported.
As per running both the test found on this page here 
Both say my CPU supports and meets the requirments to run VT-x/-d which is needed to run a x64bit VM.

So why can't I see it in my BIOS?
I called tech support and was given a interesting line from the tech saying "Unless you upgrade to a X branded CPU you can't use Virtualization from the information I have"
I won't fault him if that is the info he has..

Honestly though? The tests above from the website are clearly shown to be done on an unlocked run of the mill sandy bridge chip and it has support for it and shows up in the bios.
So what my question boils down to.

Is there away to turn this feature I -should- have access to, on with the alienware board I have?
If no, why?
If yes, how?

Is there an alternative way to get a x64 bit OS VM working?
I've tried both VirtualBox and VMware player. Both gave me errors saying I need to have this hardware support turned on.

Is there an alternative BIOS I could try that might allow me access to this feature? The board is based off of one of MSI's very basic X79 boards isn't it?

And because I'm curious.. anyone else think this is utterly odd BS that I can't access this feature despite the manufacture of the chip saying I should beable to and a Dell rep saying I'd have to shell out 1-2K for a X class chip for a feature I should have access to already?

Thanks for your time.

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There are a few things I think are BS. One of them being their so called overclock they charge for which is actually only applied to one core anyway. Another is that you can only use 1600 or 2133 MHz RAM if you're using a 32GB 4x8GB kit. I don't have a X series processor but I have a 4930K so when I get off work I will take a look at my BIOS menus to see if this option is available on my R4.


Ya.. lot'a things that are fishy lol.. I would'a built my own but my only way of making money exploaded and left me with very little options.. Finacing with AW was the only root I could go as everywhere else didn't have such options.

Didn't know about the frequency limit on 32GB kits.. thats really bizar.
Thanks for the check, I apprechate it.



Yup, financing and the comprehensive warranty were the only reasons I went with Alienware instead of building another PC. Well, that and I had always wanted one since years ago and never could afford one. 


ya.. they are beuatiful cases, to bad their native air flow sucks.. nothing a few mods and hard work can't fix.. but got'a have the tools.. and the time for that.


I just finished checking and I didn't see any option anywhere for CPU virtualization at least when using a 4930K. If what that rep told you about needing a X series CPU for the option to open up in the BIOS is true then that really is retarded.


Extreamly, because as I noted with the link I found of how to find out if I can use it or not. the person did it with a i5-2000 series Sandy bridge chip. let alone I know there are others using my chip and your chip who can do it.

Key factor.. they all are using boards not done by dell.
I'm curious if there is a Bios I could try to see if it unlocked it.. I mean the board is an MSI board rebranded isn't it? or is that just my wishful thinking OCD?



I honestly never looked into the motherboard to see who may have manufactured it. I forgot to mention that I am using the latest R4 Bios. Version A11


ya I'm using A11 as well.. did a search just to double check my facts and ya.. others can do what we can't.

I really don't get it.. we payed for a full working chip yet are being denied a feature that the maker says it supports because our BIOS says "no bish" 

wonder how hard it is to re-program/add into a bios code.. 



You know what really blows? I am fixing this old POS HP PC for my sister and this OEM crap has a CPU VT option. *facepalm*


You shitting me? wtf. *joins in on the facepalming* 

that seals it, blatent utter bull from dell.
Wonder how much a mATX LGA2011 mobo is going for atm... cuz I'd bet the cost of the board.. that it would let me do VT.
And it's not really the boards fault.. its the tards doing the BIOS programing. 
If we assume what the tech I talked to said is "True" from -their- perspective. meaning from the information he had -they- only support VT on 4nnnX or 3nnnX CPU chips.
if we follow that logic than it would be natrual to assume a simple if else check statement in the bios, is CPU reporting X class if yes show __ options. if no _ hide. 

maybe thats a bit conspericy theroy for some but I don't know wth else to make of it.