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Left speaker is crackling HELP! Alienware 17R4 - late 2016

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A while ago I noticed a crackling noise coming from my left speaker. At first it didn't seem that bad but after a while it has only gotten worse.

This first happened no to long after I first got it and was showing off the sound system. I was messing with the sound center a whole lot and trying to get as much bass out of the speakers as possible. The noise only happened when I would experience a light bass. I have also used the sound center as a tool and when I lower the 125Hz and 250Hz the noise seems to dissipate slightly.

Also using headphones there is no crackling, and right speaker is just fine. 

Have I blown out my left speaker?!

If I have, will my warranty cover this???

If it does how can I send it in to be fixed? If it doesn't how do I replace them?

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I would just go ahead with the warranty and get your speakers replaced.

It seems like speakers on Alienware laptops in general are not built to last, mine started loosing quality after about 3 years. Now my M17xR4 after 5 years have such terrible sounding speakers that I have no choice but to use headphones or my 2.1 system which I don't mind to be honest.

Coming back to your problem... you were only using the software that came with your laptop so you are not at fault and should demand Dell to fix it free of charge, provided your warranty haven't expired.

Good luck!