Fraction of KS Games that you have actually received

Fraction of KS Games that you have actually received

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I generally do not go through with funding most Kickstarter games, even if they look super cool. I always hear of real low turnover results. Out of how many projects supported, what fraction did you actually get a viable product from? Within a reasonable frame of time?

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I've never done a Kickstarter, I've just heard too many stories of people putting money into something to never have it happen.  Here's something from Reddit.



I have two that have lagged really bad. Both video games.

I backed both of these finished I believe in 2014.


Beyond that I have had great luck with kickstarter and have even beta tested products for companies due to it.


So far only 3 out of 12 have failed to produce for me.  Not great odds, but I've seen worse.  All the rest have either completed or are working toward completion with frequent updates and each promise fulfilled on schedule.


Never backed a videogame. I did back a board game though and it turned out great with only a couple of months delay.

I think a new developer who promises too much without having a product that's at least half way there in development has higher chances to cancel or produce something bad than someone who has thought up of everything and just needs the money to tweak some final things and start printing and distributing.

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