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Laptop vs Desktop

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which is cheaper Desktop or laptop of same specs for gaming? 

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The answer is it depends. The Screen size will change the pricing the smaller laptops will be more expensive but  say if you compare the 17in laptop they are still a bit more expensive than a desktop. Also the CPU's are rarely the same spec as the laptop cpus tend to be lower power consumption variants. Desktops are still cheaper and also all the components are changeable where as the laptops also have a minimal amount of parts that can be changed out. 

if you want to play it, take a desktop computer with the best parameters and are very cheap than laptops

laptops are expensive as they are from a brand IG Alienware, Razer, bla bla

Desktops are cheaper I think and easier to upgrade

DO NOT GET A LAPTOP. Get a desktop. You will not regret it. If you still want a laptop, then at least you already have a desktop to handle all the heavy stuff. I would go with a tower first then a laptop. Because the laptop wont have to be a gaming laptop if you already have a gaming pc. 

You are asking an Ultimate Question...

All laptops components are low-power consumption components (even the latest technology), which means they do not have the same (probably they can get close to it in the best case scenario but they cannot overpass it) high-end performance as desktops computer have.

Main objective for laptops is mobility, not necessary performance. Latest technology increased alot their performance with the latest CPUs and GPUs, but desktop computers are always one step ahead of them due to some factors:

- not limited by power supply/power cells

- availability of after-market air/liquid cooling system

- desktop computers have far more upgrade options than laptops have.

The answer to your question:

Do you really need mobility ?

                     ->  YES, I move around alot -> Do you want to spend alot of money for high-end performance laptop ? YES , go for it !

                     -> NO, I do not move around alot -> With the same or less money, you can buy a far better desktop computer, and you can choose your own components if you like.

 3rd option - I am filthy rich...I can buy the most expensive laptop on the market just to brag to my friends about it. Go for it!


depends on the specs and what you have already, but usually laptops are more expensive.


Desktop much cheaper

If you have any desire to move around (different rooms, coffee shop, friends house, etc.) for game play, get a laptop; it will be a little more expensive but you will be glad you did.  If you are setting up one location that will be your gameplay, than definitely go with the desktop.  The desktop will not only be cheaper but the better benefit, it will give you a much cheaper path to upgrade components as well as a broader range of upgrades over a laptop.  Good luck with you decision.