AURORA R6 bios stuck after a DELL BIOS update

AURORA R6 bios stuck after a DELL BIOS update

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Hi guys,

4 days ago a had the bad idea of accepting one BIOS update from DELL for my Aurora R6, like sent every 1 or 2 months. Don't know it went wrong, and now and I stucked on the Aptio Setup Utility with two options

1) Recover BIOS - It gives "You are about to flash your bios to an older version, which is not allowed. Press OK button to stop the flash process", and the it reboots and come back to send screen.

2) Reset BIOS settings o default - I select reset Reset Confirm , then Load optimized defaults, then Yes, same results. Using No to Optimized defaults, same.

I have tried as DELL proposed with the usb key bootable or not, with the Alienware_Aurora_R6_1.0.18.exe downloaded from DELL. Also changing its name to BIOS_IMG.rcv. WIth this I dont have any screen, and the Alien button flash 3 times and then 7, so it means the USB key is being read but the image is incorrect.

Could you provide the right name to put or the right file please ??

Thanks a lot !

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I forgot say that I have tried removing the battery (only obtained the lights to go default blue color), and with the Clear MOS jumper.

Thanks !

Hi guys, I'm sorry but I'm very disappointed with Dell Support. I have found the right procedure and resolve it myself. The procedure that you have on your webpage is wrong,
This is the right procedure, it worked perfectly for me and I have recovered my BIOS

STEP 1: Making flashable Dell Bios file
  1.     Go to This PC/view/ and check File name extensions
  2.     Then rename Alienware_XXXX.EXE to BIOS_IMG.EXE (in your case rename any Alienware BIOS to BIOS_IMG.EXE)
  3.     Place the BIOS_IMG.EXE to the root of your c: drive
  4.     Open Commamd prompt/Run as Administrator
  5.     Write cd c:/ this will get you to the root of your c: drive
  6.     Write command BIOS_IMG.EXE /writehdrfile
  7.     Then rename the created file BIOS_IMG.HDR to BIOS_IMG.RCV
  STEP 2: Making DELL approved bootable USB stick …
  Skip steps 7 to 10.
  STEP 3: Making USB stick final for flashing
  Copy BIOS_IMG.RCV to usb stick, so there will be 3 files in total:
  STEP 4: Flashing
  1.     Put USB stick to left hand USB port
  2.     Turn your laptop OFF
  3.     After its TURNED OFF Press and Hold CTRL+ESC and do not release
  4.     Press START button (do not release CTRL+ESC)
  5.     Wait Till you get to BIOS RECOVERY SCREEN (now release CTRL+ESC)
  6.     FLASH BIOS

thanks a lot to update it on your web page and help people instead of trying to send a tech with a new mother, thanks !



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