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New Design Updates [UPDATE: 12/5/19]

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Hey guys,

Looks like every single person is really enjoying the new design.  I SAID EVERY SINGLE PERSON! But, even though you all love it so much, we're gonna continue to make improvements and continue to add new features.  (You may need to log out and back in to see these changes.  A good ctrl-f5 never hurt anyone either)


  • Notifications number indicator fixes
  • Members can edit their posts again
  • Sorting forums returned (left side of page on each index)
  • Font size increased on normal threads
  • Link embeds on quests that dont go anywhere removed.
  • Featured Slider movement fixed
  • Various flash message fixes
  • Various Exp page fixes
  • Rewards twitching effect fixed
  • Nuke button no longer appears for non-admin on own posts (I wonder how many people nuked themselves)
  • Pagination added back to bottom of pages (THANK GOD!!!!)


  • Various Registration fixes
  • Mobile improvements (Still a lot more to come)
  • Various Quest fixes
  • Site optimizations (speeding stuff up a bit)
  • Security optimizations


  • Reduced animations time on homepage
  • Navigation functional during load
  • Increased readability on tabs for personalization
  • Mobile fixes
  • Notifications now stay on top
  • Notifications now clear after viewed
  • Forum listings now respond correctly on different viewports
  • Formatting fixes
  • Profile fixes


  • WYSIWIG editor improvements
  • Locked forums now display properly
  • Can now delete any transmission from your wall
  • PAC responsiveness tweaked


  • Fixed some Masters being denied access to locked forums
  • Fixed ASI not showing correct level for Masters
  • Clicking on Avatar or Badges in ASI will go straight to personalizations
  • Fixed 2-factor authentication bug
  • Various PAC fixes


  • Quests fixed in Firefox
  • Mobile homepage improvements


  • Fixed editor for all members to embed images and youtube videos again as well as hyperlinks
  • Reverted editor back to version 4.  (Source back people)
  • Added ARP Boost to ASI (User Menu).  Now you can activate and see remaining time on boosts.  
  • Add dark background for forum to tone down the brightness.  
  • Landing on /forums automatically sends you to AWA-On-Topic
  • Resolved sizing issues on homepage for widescreen monitors
  • Improved loading times of navbar. Should be able to open navbar before page finishes loading.  
  • Added logout option to bottom of ASI
  • Fixes some sweepstakes page bugs
  • Timestamps added to PM's
  • New feature: My Subscribed Threads.  Above the boards on the left, you can click on that.  Any thread you have created, replied too or subscribed too will be present there.
  • Can now click on usernames within threads to go to their profiles.  
  • Voting has been added to all replies, however, CG will not be gained with replies.  We await your complaints.  
  • ARP earned from voting is no more.  Come at us.  


More updates, fixes and improvements on the way.  so sit back and continue to enjoy the shiny brightness you have all been cheering for.  

Replies • 445

Thank you for the update. There is any way to check the earned ARP from voting? Or if I already earned the maximum allowed every 24 hours?

I‘d rather suggest to decrease the font sizes and the wide empty spaces generally.

(and more)


Tbh I can't find the logout button anymore.



Nevermind, I found it: 

Upper left icon -> My Account -> Right box lower are under "Notifications".