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World of Tanks Guides (the best guide videos!)

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sure the game does have a tutorial that it makes you complete before you get to the REAL game but watching these videos will put you way further ahead than that tutorial will ever be able to do! (even experienced players can learn from some of these)  these are all up to date guides as of 12/4/19 (game download size 30-65gb) has HD version or standard, start off with standard if you dont have much space

use an invite code to get the most out of the game as a new player

1. penetration-


2. spotting mechanics and bushes/trees- and part two


3. crew skills-


4. where to go on the maps, this one there is no real set in stone guide as it depends what type of tank layout the enemy has and each battle is different as you cannot control your team mates, only you of course so paying close attention to your mini-map at the start of a battle is important if you see your team all going one way you need to follow them you don't want to die alone you want to aim to stay alive as long as you can more guns in the fight= the better same if you end up being low health fall back if you can to keep your gun in the battle doing damage from the back/mid range this part is a lot about experience of trial and error where to go and not to go because like i said depends on the teams/tanks and your own tanks strengths and weaknesses A BIG THING THAT WILL HELP THOUGH IS WATCHING TWITCH STREAMS see where they go and how it works out for them i will list some streams i think you will get use from in no order here- -calm stream some good jokes here and there he also does youtube. -arguably one of the best players of the game. -this guy plays good and will probably answer your questions. - this is a good stream for learning as he seems to usually explain what hes doing and why in his battles he also has a useful discord server. also a community contributor - this streamer is very good player as well, even experienced players can learn from watching this one such as good spots to use on the maps. this is the one who made the crew skill video, he plays other games but still usually does play world of tanks every day he will answer questions. also a high level player and a community contributor 

also a CC one of my favorites -

what a community contributor is is a streamer of the game that wargaming has noticed so they gives codes to said streamers to give out to the viewers for rental tanks and even codes for a permanent tank (premium tanks) 

5. i recommend not playing artillery it is not good for your statistics for many reasons it has awful accuracy and reload times are 30-50 seconds just to shoot once and do a fraction of the damage you can be doing in a normal non artillery tank, many players also hate this class so its better to not have more of them! :) but at the end of the day it's up to you i just wouldn't recommend it as its not enjoyable you can't have much impact on the battle with a 30 second reload.


6.GAME MODS- i personally do not recommend these either as they can break your game, many people do use them.. but their games also randomly crash, and they block your view of whats happening in the battle, it is best to be good at the game without getting use to it with modifications that you cannot rely on being there tomorrow  some are also prohibited and if you use them you can be banned so make sure if you do decide to use mods that it is an allowed one most inside mod installers are allow which you can find on the official game forums site in the "community zone" thread.. just have a back up of the game in case something goes wrong because just simply removing them from your mod folder sometimes doesn't remove damage they done to other files of the game.

7. you may question what is the best tank in the game!? well there really is no best tank they're all different and relies on the player playing it to do good or bad what i recommend is look through the tech tree see which one you like based on looks and go for it

----ok im going to stop counting the first 4 are important though. ----

USEFUL TIPS AND RECOMMENDED SETTINGS- if you do end up playing for a while is buy tech tree tanks when they are on track as it will save you a lot of credits

reddit! world of tanks reddit is useful FOR if there is a code marathon going on such as entering a code each day. they have a twitter that they do events with you can earn free stuff that is useful.

in game settings- IMPORTANT ONE HERE in the graphics settings you will want to turn off GRASS IN SNIPER MODE you can get much better shots

in the first tab of settings make sure "server reticle" is ON don't make the mistake of starting out getting use to it being off, you will miss shots more often and on your screen with it off during turret movement you will be aiming somewhere completely different than what it shows, under the check box for this, check the next 3 options on too.

 extra effects in sniper mode off will also help your aim (flames will block your view)

checking the box "foliage transparency" ON will also help you aim at the enemy

(first tab of settings) horizontal stabilization in sniper mode ON , no reason to have it off it only helps your gun aim while going over bumps, if you have it off you're gonna have a bad time.

enable extended mini map features, ALWAYS ON. you will want all of these options checked ON 

have battle replay recording set as ALL so you can share your best battles on WOTreplays website, or use it to report another player if that's needed (if someone is pushing you from your team into the enemies it doesn't happen much but sometimes does)

the rest of the options you can play around with see what you like. personally i have lighting, shadows and grass density off and vegetation quality on lowest 

let me know if you think i missed anything and ill try to find the best video i can to put in here for it, but really the live streams will learn you a lot, explore around see what streamers you like theres more than i listed that also play good so should cover everything between the stream chats, game play and their discords, don't skip out on that crew skills video if you decide to play, big mistake i see new players do is picking the wrong crew skills i aimed this guide at informing you how to play the best as a new player if you use all of this information you should be having great battles don't forget to find a good invite code either, don't skip that





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one more thing, you can inspect every tank such as armor and all the other statistics of the tanks with this site here so you can compare gun stats and check out armor thickness in detail 


and the main statistic site is if you want to watch how you are performing in detail


You can also use modpacks such as one from Aslain [] which can include replay managers and also in hangar armour inspector to review how thick the armour is on the tanks, and where the weakspots are.

Nice post, although i disagree with the arty remarks, it can be fun and it is very much part of the game to make tanks nervous to be hit by arty (and i dont care about my stats)