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Newbie of Dota 2

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Can you guys help me about learning heroes and items. How can i do it faster ?

My friend recommend the ability draft to do it. I want to know yours suggestions.

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I think playing against custom AIs are one of the best ways to learn about those. Back when I was a kid, I used to play a lot of DotA 1 against Insane bots, playing every hero until I somehow atleast: (1) Won 5 games consecutively with that hero (2) With the maximum amount of deaths being three (3) Had at least 1 Tier 2 tower remaining

When I transferred to DOTA 2, I also did the same. Personally, I think it helped me learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each hero, skill and item. I also learned how to "avoid dying" for a lot of heroes. By looking at the AIs item and skill builds, along with warding, laning, and team fights, you can probably at max, reach the Legend tier skill-set. I'd say Legend would be the hardest tier to get out of. Why? Because at this point, people stop improving their skills and just play. Most would think that their skills are good enough and they start blaming the team and stuff like that. Even I myself fell in that endless trap before. I hope you don't become someone like that.

Nevertheless, watching GameLeap on Youtube will help you once you know the basics. GOSU.AI can also help you be a "second eye". I said that because we all know we have games that we feel we did really really good and kind of become blind to whatever mistakes/weak points we had in that match. GOSU.AI will help you say otherwise. These 2 are the reason I am out of the Legend tier to be honest.

I'm an Ancient 5 player, playing in SEA Server. I've got a mic and can probably help tell you what to do on certain situations. If you ever want to play against somewhat experienced players like me (they've really got excellent performance with laning and supporting, I'd say team fights are the skill points that they need to improve at this tier), so it might be a tough experience but if you think you can take the beating, I assure you, you will learn a lot from the matches (that is if you keep an eye out).