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Other Hobbies

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So folks, we know that everyone here is a fan of digital games, but would you like to know what other things you like, indicate, or feel like doing in your free time?

I particularly find myself connected to a lot of things in what games say, in many ways, in addition to digital games I love it and I have a small collection of board games, about 50 titles and expansions, and I find it a VERY fun hobby, because besides the fun itself stimulates many cognitive areas, in addition to social interaction, unfortunately during this pandemic it does not seem very possible to indulge this hobby.

Another thing that I also love and is very linked to games is the table RPG, either as a player or as a master, I currently have some tables, if I'm not mistaken 3 face-to-face, which are on stand by due to the pandemic, and 1 more online .

Besides that, I like to write a lot, maybe it is linked to the last mentioned hobby, since I usually build deep backgrounds for my characters and I usually plan a lot of details as a master.

I have also thought about starting the practice of shooting with a pressure gun, but I am still not sure about that, the cost where I live, I am Brazilian, walks a little high, and I am afraid to invest little and not be satisfied because of the equipment insufficient, but at the same time afraid to invest a lot and not enjoy and lose money, if someone even has any tips about it.

So what about you, what are your hobbies?

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