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CPU Upgrade ---- Need Advice

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hello guys, i wanna upgrade my CPU but i'm confsued between 2 CPUs the Intel i5 7600k and the Ryzen 5 3600 ! i watched some reviews abt the 2 CPUs but still can't decide cuz i have an old MB Asus Z270 -p and a weak PSU 400w 80+ .. so plz guys any help cuz i want someting good and can atleast stand for 3 years without updating. thanks in advance.

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Going with 4 core 4 thread CPU in 2020 is in my opinion not a good idea. I have a 6600k which is same as 7600K, but it has slightly lower Processor Base Frequency and Max Turbo Frequency. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good processor for daily use, but in modern game i can see it can struggle and it's hitting close 100% usage which is not good. Btw new games are better optimized for higher core count CPUs. 

If you are low on cash and are in no rush wait till the release of the new Ryzen processor. When that happens all the Ryzen 3000 will get a nice discount

the i5 is not worth it.


You do know you need a new motherboard for the Ryzen. If you can't afford it, try to find a cheap used i7 7700k

An i5 7600K isn't gonna cut it having only 4 cores and 4 threads. If you can get a used i7 7700K for cheap, that would be more worth buying. However, if you're buying new, and have the budget, the Ryzen 3600 would be the better option, though you need to get a compatible motherboard.

Since you don't have many choices of upgrade with the Sky and Kaby Lake platforms, people usually ask premium for viable upgrade options, like i7s and unlocked processors in general. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact you can't go any further than 4 cores/8 threads with Kaby Lake. Yes, upgrading to Ryzen can and probably will cost more than just buying a 7x00K CPU, but on AM4 you have a good upgrade path. Even though 4 core CPUs are totally fine for simple tasks for a few years to come, like watching videos, doing school work, media PCs, and a lot of games still, they are not the best choice for gaming and professional work.

As others said before, unless you are planning to change your motherboard, you need to consider the socket it has for the processor.

I believe the Z270 board has a LGA1151 socket, which is only compatible with LGA1151 Intel CPUs. Look for CPUs with that socket, and also be sure to check compatibility with different Intel CPU generations, as sometimes there are different versions of motherboards.


Have a look at this site, cpubenchmark, it tells you all about the different cpu's and lets you compare. Probably a good time to upgrade mobo, power and cpu at the same time

Bestanegra said:

the i5 is not worth it.


You do know you need a new motherboard for the Ryzen. If you can't afford it, try to find a cheap used i7 7700k

Agreed. You can't just drop a new processor into an existing motherboard. You have to consider the CPU, socket size, RAM type, PSU, etc. Personally.... I'd just get a tenth gen intel processor with a compatible motherboard. AMD is the better way to go if you have a budget.

Upgrading a processor entails you making sure all of your current components are compatible.