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Dell Rewards - Wrong Account

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Hi there, 

I hope this is the right place to put an inquiry like this - my Dell Rewards aren't showing up in my account, and I've been trying to get in touch with customer service using the Alienware Arena email address provided in our FAQ section but still haven't heard back. I would like to use them before they expire so would I have to reach out to Dell directly about this? I've tried doing that in the past, and the CS agents I reach don't seem to know what AA is, unfortunately.

Any help's appreciated. Thank you.

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If you recently claimed the Dell rewards from the ARP rewards page: <- those take time to show up IIRC its "up to 30 days" tho it shouldn't take that long.


The Dell rewards expiration date doesn't start counting down till it's added to your Dell account.


If you feel like it's be too long you can email  and poke an Admin about it.


Thanks, OrgWithaStick, I appreciate it. :)

Hearing that rewards don't expire until they're added is comforting (I thought their expiration date was based on when they were redeemed on here, instead, which would be a pain since I'm waiting on multiple tiers' worth of rewards to be added, having been redeemed over the past three months). 

That was the email address I messaged a couple of times, but I've found it difficult to get any sort of response from it, so I hope they're able to assist some point soon.