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The most hype-inducing game trailer/reveal you've seen.

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Hi all, nowadays we get game announcements and reveals almost every week, with all the leaks and the great amounts of new developers in the industry. While I know I am going to get really excited when I see the words Elden Ring on screen, I feel like age and the ultra-marketisation of the medium has made me more wary of trailers, or more insensitized to all the reveals we get to see month after month.

If I think about what trailer has made me more excited about a game it has to be the meelee reveal, showing the awesomely crafted intro of the game. The trailer conveyed a lot of energy, and showed a lot of faces, even though some characters like Ridley and Wolf did not get included until later entries. Here's the live reveal at E3 2001:

Which trailer do you think made the biggest impression for you?

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