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What is the game everyone hates, but you love it?

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I thought on that question after enjoying a lot games like Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic R. Is there any other "bad" game that you enjoy playing it?

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Probably Thief 2014. Wouldn't say that everyone hates it but the OG community tends to disregard it pretty heavily as a reboot due to how detached it feels to the previous titles but it's a pretty good game for what it is!

Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver. Most people say the original ( Blood Omen ) is far better. 


Hollow Knight

It is impossible to follow a path and you end up losing yourself.

Sometimes it requires patience but the feeling of progress and rewards is very very satisfying

Death Stranding

a game about walking withe 12 hours of cinematics is not for everyone


Chumas said:

Death Stranding

a game about walking withe 12 hours of cinematics is not for everyone

lol :)

for me I think irretrievably of Mirror Edge.
Opinions about this game are very diverse.
In terms of playability, fun, design, the rhythm is also very exciting, supporting the PhysX, a game very different from the mass of games.
Moreover it is a game that is not particularly violent.
I didn’t play Mirror Edge Catalyst, but I’d like to.

I think it’s Smite imo, it’s not necessarily hated but it definitely doesn’t get the respect it deserves, usually when I talk about smite I hear people say that it’s a bad game and that they’d rather play LOL but their opinion  of smite is prejudged because they’ve never even played it.

7 Days to Die

My friends hate the graphics but I can overlook them because I love Horde Nights!  Love getting ready for them, building up defenses and testing them.


Fortnite. It's a very popular game but all of my gamer-friends absolutely hate it lol.