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Best Giveaway

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What was the best giveaway you got, and what was the one you didn't get, but wanted?

I got a nice Smite skin.. I do not know what I missed because I joined only recently

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Well from alienware i got 100$steam card.

2 months ago i won curved gaming monitor

from :artesianbuilds on twitch 

Weird part about this is a day before i told my mom i feel like I was going to win a give away she laughed next day bamm monitor lol it was insane 

Shadow Warrior Special Edition is probably my personal favourite giveaway that I actually managed to catch, but that was some years ago and I'm fairly certain that not long after it went free directly on Steam (maybe only the regular edition but still). Aside from that, more recently I managed to catch the Dead by Daylight giveaway, so that's also a contender for the best.

I've missed a lot of others, but I the one I'm most sad that I missed is Street Fighter V. I saw the giveaway too late, and while it was stated that they would add more keys later, well they never did as far as I can tell. Another I would have liked to get was System Shock, but that was gone way too fast and I wasn't assigned a key. For a few years now until more recently I've found that the giveaway requirements were either too high (level 30, way out of reach) or too low (level 2, gone way too quickly) for me to get.

wow! it turns out that you can get here something more than 5 ARP...


hit a high enough level collect the cash rewards. but for other GA stuff the steam cards are nice. sometimes there is daily log ons for dell rewards 

The Hi Rez event, unfortunately I saw it a little too late to get my Pip skin but oh well

I like today's Bee Happy border, not necessarily the best, but still fun.

Missed key for SF5. Alienware promised another round of keys but that never happened.