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What's your favorite Roguelite?

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I've always been enamored by roguelites whenever I see one, either by stumbling upon content creators trying out a new title, or seeing a gameplay video of it on the online stores I frequent. I love how every new run is a very different one, may it be a very easy dash through, or a very arduous stretch. And it can never overstay its welcome for you; you can just quit the run and try again.

So, what's your favorite roguelite? Mine's The Binding of Isaac, along with all of it's DLCs.

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Roguelike/roguelite games are very hit or miss for me... I haven't played in a while, but I'd say my favorite is Wazhack. I was never able to beat it, but it's fun enough that it makes you go "ah just one last run" when you die. :)

Risk of Rain 2 is a blast to play with friends or solo. The soundtrack is also very good which gives it another plus in my opinion.

Hades! The gameplay and story are superb. Even if you aren't that knowledgeable about Greek mythology, you would still get to enjoy the game.