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[Guide] How to use 2x 48hr ARP Booster perfectly and earn upto 450 in a single use.

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We all use "2x 48hr ARP Booster" to earn 2x or double ARP for 48 hours or 2 days.
But how should you use it and squeeze out maximum ARP, from bare minimum of 300 and up to 450 or even more.
This is applicable for everyone and does not involve any tricks. These are just basic things but used with correct planning and timing. Maybe many of you are following these ways. All of these information is accurate and are tested by me and are working properly.

Firstly, let us see on what ARP Boosters work and how they work.

  •   Steam Quests - 25 ARP for playing 1 game for 1 hour. You can earn 75 ARP by playing given 3 games, a mix of free and paid. Resets every week, on Monday at 00:00 UTC.
  •   Watch Twitch - 15 ARP for watching 1 twitch stream for around 30 minutes. Resets everyday at 00:00 UTC.
  •   Time On Site - 5 ARP for staying on website for around 20-30 Minutes . Resets everyday at 00:00 UTC.
  •   Daily Quests - 5 ARP for completing given tasks. Resets everyday at 05:00 UTC
  •   Other Rewards and Quests - 5~100+ ARP for rewards, events, community events, mini-games, tasks, opening links and regional quests. Timings varies.

  But ARP Boosters do not work on Daily Login Rewards, both 7-Day and 28-Day rewards.

Secondly, timing is the key to use ARP Boosters.
    Before we continue, convert UTC time to your local time zone and follow the timings.
    Always plan and use ARP Booster on profitable times or days, and do not waste on less-profitable times or days.
    Use ARP Booster to suit your daily timings - work-time, free-time, awake-sleep times; thus you do not have to lay waste the ARP Boost in busy times or when you are asleep.

  •   Start a Boosted Day 1 by using ARP Booster a few hours before 00:00 UTC of Day 2.
  •   So that you can cover the ARP Boost on a few hours of Day 1, full Day 2 and a few hours of Day 3. But make sure you have enough time to earn ARP on Day 1 and Day 3.

      Use ARP Boosters on Sundays only, so that you can cover the 6 Steam Quests - the highest ARP-earning way - of two weeks, boosting Sunday and Monday, as Steam Quests resets on Monday.

    Thus, you can spread the ARP Boost across different times or days.

Finally, ARP Booster in action.
    2x 48hr ARP Boosters are given in 28-Day Daily Login Rewards, once or twice. So you have to login daily.
    Sometimes they are also given by other means. There are also 3x, 4x and 24hr, 48hr, 72hr and other rare ARP Boosters.
    Before we start, get ready for the Day 1.
    Our main ARP sources are weekly Steam Quests and daily Twitch streams. Steam Quests are available through out the week.
    1 or 2 of the 3 games will be free. Sometimes you may have owned the paid games.
    Some games are big in size, so make sure you have fast internet to download them, and enough storage on the computer.
    Some games are shown big in size, but are downloaded as small clients or downloaders or launchers. Then you do not have to download full game but leave the client or downloader or launcher running.
    First you have to own the games, download them and get ready for the Sunday.
      Start the Day 1, on Sunday, a few hours before Steam Quest Reset, open the website and activate ARP Booster.

  •   Complete Daily Quest.
  •   Open a Twitch stream in a new browser tab and leave it running in the background. Make sure to set the video resolution to lowest so that it cannot use more processing power and internet bandwidth, leaving your computer lag-free. Also, you can watch a Twitch stream on other device like mobile phone. Every few minutes, check if the stream is live, or else open another stream.
  •   Leave a browser tab of Alienware Arena website that give you 'Time On Site'.
  •   Then go to the Steam Quests page, open a game, click on Check Games, click on Start Quest. Do this for all three games, if you own them. Play the games, or just open all the three at once and leave them in Menu for 1 hour. You may also leave the game in client or downloader or launcher, but make sure you have green 'Running' status in Steam Library. After 1 hour close the games, also check if they are completely stopped in Steam Library or else force stop them clicking on STOP. This is mandatory, because playtime is only counted after the game is stopped. Make sure you have 30 minutes to 1 hour or more time after playing the games, as sometimes Alienware Arena takes time to update Steam Quests. Also, check the progress of the Quest in the Steam Quest page.
  •   At last, refresh the Arena website and check for the ARP earned and complete all the tasks.

      On Day 2, repeat the same steps of Day 1.
      Make sure you do not waste the time and download the new week's Steam Quest games. As some games are 50-100 GB in size.

      On Day 3, repeat the same steps of Day 1 and 2, but without Steam Quests (if you have already completed Steam Quests).
      You will have few hours time to complete all the tasks, depending on how early you activated ARP Booster on Day 1.

That's all. This is how you earn most ARP by using ARP Booster.
Here is the ARP breakdown that you earned on the boosted days.

    Steam Quests = 300   = 50 x 3 x 2 days
    Watch Twitch  = 90     = 30 x 3 days
    Time On Site  = 30     = 10 x 3 days
    Daily Quests  = 30     = 10 x 3 days

ARP Gained using Booster = 450 (if you completed all 6 Steam Quests)
                                          = 300 (if you only completed 3 Steam Quests)


Note that Alienware Arena website has many glitches, bugs and updates, that may or may not effect the above process. Most of the times they all are just visual glitches; like wrong ARP Boost time, no boost on quests and time-on-site, no boost on Twitch, wrong ARP logs. You do not have to worry, as correct ARP updates on next day.

Comment any suggestions or mistakes.
My last advice for you all is to not waste all your time for farming almost-useless ARP, you better go gaming.
I am just writing this to improve my writing skills.

My ARP log (slightly edited for convenience)

ARP earned through "Watch Twitch" is not showing in ARP Log.

Here I earned 410 ARP in 3 days (including Watch Twitch ARP, Special Quest and excluding Daily Login Rewards).

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Hiding in your shadow

Good guide. You don't need to download the games though, using a Steam game idler like ASF a more efficent option.



They should call it 2x24 hours, since 2x48 is deceiving, that's 4 days.....

catch33 said: 23m

They should call it 2x24 hours, since 2x48 is deceiving, that's 4 days.....

It's a 2x booster that lasts 48 hours.

To be clear, the booster only accounts for half of the "ARP Gained using Booster" discussed above. If one does the same quests etc. without a booster active, one would still get 225 ARP (if one completes all 6 Steam Quests) or 150 ARP (if one only completes 3 Steam Quests).

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven

You describe the best case scenario. My crystal ball isn't good enough to tell me in advance which will be the Steam quests of next week.So it's always a shot in the dark when you activate a booster. If I have all three games for week A on Steam I'd consider activating a booster on Sunday and hope for the best for week B coming Monday.

But as you pointed out AWA makes many mistakes in quest setup so it's rather likely one or more quests will be bugged on Monday or you don't have one or more games in your account preventing you to utilize the booster to it's full potential before it expires.


Yea its good if you want squeeze every last drop of ARP each month out of this website at a particular time of the month.  I'm finding it less appealing to try squeeze every last ARP out of it each month, I'm at the point if I miss points hear or there is no big deal. 

This points for  "28-Day Daily Login Rewards" don't give 2x Booster ?

Shadow Heir said: 15h

Good guide. You don't need to download the games though, using a Steam game idler like ASF a more efficent option.

edited 14h

For free game, you must add and download it, then play/open it around 30m, after that you can run ASF/SAM/ID.