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Issues with Steam Quests

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I can't check games on steam quest there's anyone with the same problem?

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Play one of the games (or just let it run in the background) for 20-30 minutes, quit, and then wait half an hour or so (might take upwards up an hour) and check the Steam quest page again.  The system has been a bit wonky lately, but that should work to remedy the issue.  Sadly, though, you're running out of time to complete the current week's quests (Payday 2, CS: GO, and Smite).  If you get it to work, prioritize those games first.



I am had the same issue.  I played Payday 2 without issue.  I tried to play Smite, Destiny, Lost Ark and Rust and the quest pages had the only "Visit Steam" and "Check Games."  I logged out then back in to  my steam client and Alienware account and I was able to play the Quests.



Had the same problem. Games didn't show up as owned and the 'Check Steam' button didn't do anything either. For me logging in again and even connecting my Steam account again didn't fix it. But the issue simply went away on its own a few minutes later.

Barrilete Cosmico

Usually every hour the progress is updated, but im worried im playing for 3-4 hours  and still nothing, i have to play a lot first to "eneable" the "Start Quest" option. And btw what happen with all that bans on Lost Ark i ear that many were also have bans on their steam profiles, that is why i removed Lost Ark license from my account and now i did not even want to touch it.

2 and a half alien

Other issue: the dates are a fucking lie. Previous quests were supposed to last until Jan 23. New quests replaced them either today or maybe even yesterday (22). If you're not going to respect the dates, just don't bother indicating them :x



The dates have always been like that. The Steam quests that lasted until Jan 23 were expected to be removed right at the start of the 23rd at 00:00 UTC. And that's what happened. (The new quests were added a bit sooner for some reason though.)

Yesterday I managed to get the quests started finally but the progress bars stopped on all of them about 2/3 through even though I played them for more than 2 hours. Lost 2x 75 ARP and basically wasted a booster. Thanks AWA.