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Correct driver order installation after a clear Win11 update.

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Hello, I have an Alienware 17 2013. 16 RAM with NVIDIA 770m GPU. I would like to follow a correct way of installing the drivers.

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I have the almost the same model. Your graphics card keep crashing and usually recovers? Nvidia drivers are gonna screw you every time. But, to answer, step 1 is make sure there's nothing left over from previous drivers. Then work up from critical metal. Mobo and chipset drivers, then ports and slots, then the things that go in the slots, gpu last. 

Good luck. If I was you, I'd start with Linux, dell is gonna give you contradicting info and windows elite don't mess with 10 year old hardware. 


Yep...Get ALL your drivers from Dell, as they are tested with your particular hard-ware...especially NVidia.
1) Reload Windows/Factory-Reset.
2) Immediately get all hardware/Chip-Set drivers from Dell. Start with BIOS and work up through all the drivers. Install MANUALLY, according to release date. All the latest hardware/Chip-set drivers.
3) NOW go to Microsoft and get all your Windows updates.
4) Now install any other software, such as the latest CommandCentre (which may have to be uninstalled first). Keep going. Check your "Device Manager" to ensure you have no conflicts.
It should work. 
You can also talk to the nice Aliens at "Alienware-Community" for free recommendations...people with the same hardware...etc. Dell support people also watch that chat too and offer assistance when they can.

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