CS:GO Release Date

CS:GO Release Date

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They have given a release date and that is going to be this summer. but one other thing they mentioned is that cross-platform will not be available because of patches.

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First reply :P Anyway i don't like Global Offensive, i like more Source, i don't know why.


I would give Global Offensive a go, and there inst a release date yet, that I know off.


Still release dates are often not upheld.


im with you i will probably stick with source but i am afraid that the source community will fall due to everyone switching over to cs go. i remember when mw2 came out. there was a big switch to mw2. the game was good but didnt have the longevity and a lot of people quit gaming after that. that was also around the time cal and cgs fell apart. i dont know how many more hits source can take. lol


Its Valve, i wouldn't count on the release date until the day comes.


uh honestly, why wouldn't you count on that release date when they already moved it to summer for a reason instead of spring... if they push it again it's kinda ridiculous since they're only using this extra time to fix up csgo from beta feedback.


Sweeet, hopefully it comes in the summer though, it'd be nice to play it since i didnt get in to the beta. =.=


the sooner the better


on1 said:

the sooner the better

I prefer the later the better, so that we don't get another terrible game. They need more time for feedback. I just wish they add vehicles, more wallbang, bhop, crouchwalk again like in 1.6. And VIP mode, with the shield. I hated that they took those out. Even though it's unlikely they'll add it back. If I had a choice, I'd even prefer it come out next year so that they'll have more time to improve it.


summer, but when? :(