Fortnite's Infinity Blade has been Vaulted
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 You can now recycle your Artifact cards into event tickets
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 Civilization 6: Gathering Storm adds Canada and an Ice Hockey Rink
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 Granblue Fantasy Fighting Game Developed By Arc System Works Announced
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 Let’s look at cool Minecraft cities and judge their realism
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 Final Fantasy XV's Final DLC Gets A Trailer For Its Prologue Anime
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 Bethesda Celebrates 25 Years Of DOOM!
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 Battlefield V's Increased Time-To-Kill Is To Help New Players, DICE Creating New 'Core' Playlists
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 Pokémon Go's Holiday Event Brings New Pokémon, Free Incubators
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 Windows 10 keeps sending your data to Microsoft even if you say stop
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 Blizzard Details New Darkshore Warfront Coming in World of Warcraft 8.1
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 That nightmarish Sonic movie poster is real
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 Blizzard Teases Possibility Of Diablo Amiibo [UPDATED]
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 Blizzard Pumps The Brakes On Heroes Of The Storm
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 Get your free copy of SUBNAUTICA for a limited time!
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 CS:GO receives 14,000 negative Steam reviews in a single day after going free to play
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 Kingdom Hearts 3 community braces itself for spoilers after big gameplay leak
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 Discord’s store offers devs 90% revenue because “it doesn’t cost 30% to distribute games”
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 A fan-made WoW trailer imagines the MMO as a Netflix TV series
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 Antstream aims to be a retro gaming Netflix, with 2000 classics already licensed
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 Stardew Valley creator puts his new game on hold to make more Stardew Valley
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 Heroes of the Storm pros furious over Blizzard's decision to discontinue HGC
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 Capybara's dark, violent roguelike Below is out now
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 Doom designer John Romero has finished his next game, full reveal tomorrow
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 Dead by Daylight Trailer Breaks Down Darkness Among Us Update
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