Are there any older giveways for tier 4 and 5 members that still have keys? I found the V rising one and got the key when i got tier 4 and i was wondering if there are any other giveways with leftover keys that i could claim now. Thanks for any info !
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07.08.2024 12:03:38 - Savvasthekiller -
Wait, there's a V Rising giveaway? Where??? I would love to try out that game!
07.08.2024 13:16:47 - RaPtUrA -
They listed some of them:
07.08.2024 14:28:56 - Punished_Pyle -
There's also an entire discussion going on right now(-ish) in the discord concerning that. Feel free to drop in!
07.09.2024 21:06:13 - CutieTheRooster -
Ty for info, found a lot of unclaimed stuff :)