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DELL DRP I would like to make sure i understood it correctly. So if i have for example 5000 DRP which is 50€, i can only use it, if i would get something for at least 150€ from the DELL store? I cant just get something for my points without using money, right?
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07.10.2024 14:55:14 - miilz -
Yes exactly, you need to pay at least 100€ without DRP
07.10.2024 20:27:44 - MysteriousMrX -
The rules are different for different countries, so mention your country to be sure.
07.11.2024 05:38:49 - mourinhos -
My country is Germany
07.11.2024 22:31:07 - MysteriousMrX -
Okay, for Germany your understanding, and miilz confirmation, are correct. Some other locales (just US and Canada?), it's possible to pay entirely with DRP, but others you need a minimum 100 local currency spend of your own money.
07.11.2024 22:33:19 - MysteriousMrX -
The DRP available in the marketplace should reset August 1st, if it helps any.
07.11.2024 22:34:55 - Hamstario -
In the USA you can fully buy things with Dell rewards, I just got headphones entirely with my dell rewards. Also worked with controllers, keyboards, mouses. I'm rocking a full set of free alienware accessiores because of this site.
07.12.2024 01:15:07 - mourinhos -
Thanks guys for all the infos! Much appreciated :)
07.13.2024 07:15:17 - SnowyDrift -
Not sure if it's different for different countries, but the points only expire after 1 year of inactivity, so if you keep earning DRP, you should be able to accumulate a larger percent than what you have to pay minimum.
07.13.2024 07:18:25 - SnowyDrift -
By that I mean the points should never expire as long as you keep putting reward points into your account, so don't be afraid to save up.
07.13.2024 09:01:07 - Garandro -
They are basically useless outside of US thanks to that 100€ minimum...