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Why does the choose your own game quest only give out 15 ARP while the others give out 25?
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04.26.2024 15:07:43 - TurdFerguson87 -
Because it just does.
04.26.2024 15:10:15 - monknl -
In the end it doesn't matter at all as it does for all of us
04.26.2024 15:42:48 - anonumos -
less arp probably because you can choose your own game and you're not forced to play something that you dont like just for the arp, i assume, i don't know for sure what is the intention
04.26.2024 17:17:37 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
I thought the games chosen for the other two Steam Quests are a result of some sort of partnership, so the lower amount of ARP for the CYOG quest is a penalty for by passing the partnership.
04.26.2024 17:51:00 - DrowningInIt -
They get paid to promote these featured games by incentivizing the community (impressions) to at least look at the steam page for it, maybe download and not play but then it's in your library, it is worth a lot of money to direct flocks
04.26.2024 17:52:20 - DrowningInIt -
- of players to a product by making it worth significantly more than the game being out of's hands, jthereby robbing them the ability to monetize the fact that their website has directly caused an increase to a given dev's base.
04.26.2024 17:54:35 - kovec -
I figured it might be related to promotional deals but just thought i'd ask because i always wondered about it.
04.27.2024 16:26:05 - athrios -
Originally they had 2 paid + 1 free game as steam quests. Result was that most people were only able to play 1 game/week and get 25 ARP without buying another game. With CYOG now everyone can get +15ARP/week for free. It's a win, not a loss
04.28.2024 18:42:56 - The_Badger._. -
Lol, wait wait, people are ACTUALLY playing the games they have a quest for?